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Wisdom Wear

About Ameera Beth

WisdOM Wear has a VISION to create a VIBRATIONAL TIPPING POINT in the collective by dressing 144,000 of us in Crystal Infused Sacred Geometry clothing. We feel the POWER of aligning as a collective through embodying the alchemy of Andara Crystals and the shapes that align us to the Blueprint of the Universe – SACRED GEOMETRY!

Crystal Infused Apparel With A Purpose!
“WisdOM Wear” offers fashionable tools that result in a positive Spiritual Transformation for those that wear our apparel. We are a clothing line located in Kauai, Hawaii that incorporates ANDARA CRYSTAL DUST into Sacred Geometric shapes on our apparel.

We feel it is important to share that our purpose and mission is much more than selling a fashion line. WisdOM Wear ” is a medium for education on the power of ‘Sacred Geometry’, “Crystals”, ‘ Knowledge’, Co-creating thru a unified goal, and “Raising money for GREAT CAUSES; The health of our Oceans! We donate 10% of sales to The Surfrider Foundation https://kauai.surfrider.org​ , an organization committed to cleaning our Oceans and education on how to preserve our greatest natural resource. WATER!

We do this with the power of Sacred Geometry, Crystal Knowledge and Positive Intention for ALL ! Our Andara crystals are charged with conscious intent & love. When you purchase WisdOM Wear apparel, you are receiving “keys” to activating and deepening your personal and unique connection to the Universal language of the Cosmos: Sacred Geometry.

WE are stardust… when we crush crystals into dust we are alchemizing them to the state where they serve us at the microcosmic level, to align us to the macrocosm of the magic of the Universe. We and infuse them into Sacred Geometric archetypes on the various organic apparel so you receive a beautiful, quality piece of clothing for your body while strengthening the energetic vortex around you know as your “aura.”

We are all connected through the Andara Crystals and the Geometry. The more of us who are wearing WisdOm Wear clothing the stronger we become as a collective conduit for raising the vibration of the planet. Everybody play, everybody wins!

Mahalo for your WisdOm Wear purchase and becoming 1 of the 144,000!





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