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Unicorn Squad

Wild heArtist Unicorn Squad

When visiting Wild heArtist, you aren’t just walking into a shop, you are entering a new dimension. A Sacred Space, created from heArt vision and magic dust! Our Unicorn Squad gives every ounce of their heArt to help create a magical experience from the moment you enter our heArt space.

*Warning…people have been known to bust out in spontaneous laughter and dancing. Some people experience feelings of euphoria and leave uplifted and more in love with themselves and the world.

Meet the Squad…

Mishi Clauberg

Weaver of sacred space, Mishi is the mystical mastermind behind the scenes, sending siren calls and smoke signals to all of our Wild heArtists. Self proclaimed Unigon (unicorn/dragon), her favorite color is rainbow and there isn’t much she creates that isn’t inspired by crystals, color and light. When invited, she is known to share a message or two with kindred spirits.


Tor Clauberg

Tor, otherwise known as Mr. Torrific, is not only the muscle behind the HeArtist but has a heart as big as they come. Master of space, Tor keeps the shop clear and supercharged, creating the art of space holding at a whole new level. If you are lucky and in on a special day, you might find him playing his nose flute.


Jade Brinkman

Confessed kitty lover, our Sweet Jade and her Super Smile can be found lighting up the heArtspace and knowing exactly what you need. A bright guide, she is a master listener and gifts a sense of caring that stays with you long after you’ve left the shop.



Savannah Flower

Queen of crowns, our Super Power Savannah Flower can always be found shining in one of our custom headpieces. Flitting around the shop, often on tip toes, spreading her fairy charm, leaving magic everywhere she goes.



Jordan Sonner

Honorary Member- Jordan, our favorite “pretend employee”, has been a huge supporter of Wild heArtist…literally since day one. Her heArt is a beautiful part of our Unicorn Squad and it’s always a special day when she shines her light in the shop!


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