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Robyn Chance

About Robyn

A nationally-published, multi-faceted ‘Priestess of the heARTs’, Robyn is trained in her process by life itself. She introduces her soul to the world as a visionary painter with a disposition that swings from a wise owl to a playful child. Being a gentle and rebellious wild flower within her native Texan society, Robyn found sparkles of hope outside of the classroom. Around eighteen she cleverly borrowed from her power Source to create an entire public image around sensualized beauty, in an effort to feel a sense of value and protection in an otherwise debilitating societal structure. Though successful, her inner pain remained. After thirteen years of ‘esteeming herself’ in the entertainment industry, a Near-Death Experience led her back to her innate worthiness and mystic ancestral roots. Because of her widely published timeline, she has become an inspirational guide for how a broken-hearted muse can burn and rise from the ashes as the witnessing artist who paints the sacred story. Robyn has settled in Hawaii, with her Beloved, continuing to honor herself as a wild and integrated vessel of the Sacred Feminine.

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