Tell The Truth


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“This painting was commissioned for the cover of Bryan Reeves’ book, “Tell the Truth, Let the Peace Fall Where It May”. Bryan is one of my favorite authors and masculine role models embarking on the reawakening of the Divine Masculine. It was an honor to paint him, and the unfoldment of the artwork was a transformational process indeed. Hand over our heart, have the courage to speak what our inner voice has longed to say, but ahs been shut down due to fears of emotional safety, fear of rejection, fears bred from an early age trying to be ‘good’. Let’s align ourselves and those in our lives to our heart’s truth. Validate these cries, give our heart’s truth. Validate these cries, give them a voice by journaling, Be Vulnerable. It’s the only way to actually release or integrate anything. This is how we push the “Let Go Button’. Take a deep breath, place your hand over your heart, and allow your inner child to speak. Its time to Love ourselves more than we’ve ever been shown, so much that we are willing to stand up for the BE who we truly are inside, and that we are safe to do so. Tell The Truth, get it out, with as much compassion as possible for ourselves and others, and Let the Peace fall where it may.”

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