Holy Beloved




“Painting is a personal prayer like a journal entry, this is the expression of the masculine aspect of me making love to the feminine, in holy matrimony. Both beloveds are essentially “me” joined in Sacred Unity, initially created so that I may call in and experience this level of connectivity in Sacred Relationship intimacy. Inspired by the agony of separation mentality, I set out to integrate duality and become the beloved of my heart autonomously. I have since experienced the glory of His Light upon my chest, my needs are met and my mind can rest, Rumi’s quote has said it best, “Out beyond the ideas of wrongdoing and rightdoing, there is a field. I’ll meet you there.” This is the essence of the Lovers nest, where shame feels safe to get undressed, Son’s light sets in feminine west, shining Christ-Love upon her breast.. We Are Heaven on Earth, We Are One and We Are Blessed.”

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Original, Sticker, Magnet, Altar Card, 8×12, 12×18, 16×20, Print 16×20 Matted, 20×30, Tapestry, Canvas 24×32, Canvas 24×32 Framed or Enhanced, Canvas 24×32 Framed & Enhanced, Canvas 30×40, Canvas 30×40 Framed or Enhanced, Canvas 30×40 Enhanced & Framed