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Kaylie Pickup

About Kaylie
Kaylie has been cultivating her growth on the Big Island since 2011. She is a teacher, a student, an activist, a gardener, a painter and a lover. Kaylie is continually inspired by the vibrant diversity of Hawaiʻi nei and its lively, avant-garde scenes.

Kaylie first began her creative journey curating intersectional feminist zines and auctioning her artwork in Brooklyn and LA to support the Standing Rock Movement. She began playing with watercolors, then found herself studying classical realism as apprentice to awe-inspiring artist, Rose Adare, at the Kipaipai School of Art.

Her works have been shown in juried shows such as the Schaefer Portrait Challenge at the Maui Arts and Cultural Center, the Abstract Only and Hawaiʻi Nei shows at the Wailoa Arts and Cultural Center and the “Home/Homeless” exhibit at HMOCA East Hawaii Cultural Center.

Artist Statement

I intend to shed light on the strange and sensitive feminine experience. I love observing the ways in which women perpetually bring themselves into radical alignment by simply engaging with the world around them. I see the female-identifying mind and body as being fluid, as it perpetually changes and creates new forms. With a classic, vivid palette and a spectrum of figures and forms, my pieces emit understanding of women as whole, raw, and in alignment with the beautiful paradox of nature. Guided by intuition, I am learning to accept and freely express all parts of myself. I hope that those who engage with my art are able to catch a glimpse of and warmly receive their own perplexing inner and outer worlds.








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