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Kaylee Holz

About Kaylee

I am a lover of the color, texture and form found in nature. Mother nature is the most divine creative artist in existence and the more I observe her creations, the more inspired I get to re-create them and share them from my own unique perspective. I try to portray the wisdom of nature and natural design and weave it into a visible tapestry that can be witnessed through human eyes in a different way. I am inspired by the spiritual teachings and the knowledge of our ancestors and their inherent connection to nature and the natural cycles. I am a gardener and an herbalist as well as a painter, and my life’s mission is to help rebuild a bridge between the human world and the natural world. The plants and animals are our divine teachers, as well as all living organisms, we just have to be still and listen to the whisper of knowledge that trickles into our hearts as we witness the beauty around us.








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