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About Jean-Luc

Jean-Luc studied at the “Beaux-Arts” in Nancy and Paris, France, yet learned more from observing Nature and its intrinsic ‘stargates’. For his graduating thesis from the University, he built a domed Cymatic sanctuary with light and sound in 1969. Jean-Luc was born as a natural visual-intuitive, a modern shaman artist who can navigate dimensions and retrieve psychic snapshots of those realms to share with audiences; awakening in them the awareness of parallel realities where “sentient beings” communicate via ethereal frequencies forming images with colors and geometries. From an early age I was aware of other levels of existences or a multitude of dimensions. One aspect of me was there and another here… it was like the hummingbird, one can see the body but the wings are vibrating so fast that our eyes cannot see. I thought it was imagination or day dreaming… yet the beauty was such that I always wanted to paint or film it… to share the experience. Dolphins, Whales, Sasquatch and Dragons live in these realms… they can enter multitude of different vibrating places at once. And soon we will also.


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