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David Lawell

About David

David has been painting and drawing since the age of three years old and since then has honed his craft into many different mediums of art including graphite, oils, murals, sculpture and film. He has brought his stunningly potent images to the Big Island of Hawai’i and has recently found himself living close to the recent Kilauea lava flow and being inspired by the beautiful energies that flow through Hawai’i and the stories of the Hawaiian Goddess Pele. These exotic forms have found their way into his artwork, which deliver a clear and deep representation of our connection to this rich environment. He is often asked to explain his artwork and his reply is this, “It is not mine alone, it is everyone’s to interpret. I am only a refined tool translating mediums into higher visions. This realization allows me to remove myself to some degree and let the artwork speak for itself since it is coming from a place deep inside all of us. This, I feel, allows the viewer to have their own true experience from the piece of art without my interpretation being the basis of their reaction and I really like that because the viewer then becomes the storyteller and also allows the artwork to tell it’s own story. For me, this is what true art can accomplish.” – DLART 2018

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