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Alyssa Rodrigues

About Alyssa

In all things that I do, I strive to share love and happiness. Growing up around art, I have always found it as a way to heal. It is a form of self expression that I couldn’t imagine life without. Throughout my journey in life, it has been something I hold dearly in my heart and have awakened to sharing it with others. Sharing my creations has always been a dream of mine, and as time went on I grew to believe in my art and in myself. Sharing my art has been a journey of overcoming personal fear. Once I got over that fear, I began to grow confidence and self love for myself and my art. My art is a reflection of that healing and spiritual growth I have gained throughout my journey. I am truly thankful to share that part of myself with the world. I am often inspired by bright colors, beautiful souls, and loving animals. Through sharing my art, I hope to open my heart, and connect with yours. I am so grateful for this soulful connection. 💙


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